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UDAIPUR- A dream in realization(PART 1)

written by Shivali August 8, 2016

Well, though I love travelling and exploring new places in India & Abroad that nature gifted us but still this is my very first traveler post. But it’s good to be started than never.

Today, in my first travel post I want to share my last holiday experience in UDAIPUR, RAJASTHAN. As a title says “it’s like a dream in realization” I truly had a dreamy vacation of my life. Officially this is my first visit to the city, prior to that Udaipur came in our way when we travelling from Delhi to Ahemdabad. We just stopped there for lunch in some friend’s restaurant at outer ring road, but at that time I didn’t felt so good about the place. So, I decided to visit the UDAIPUR- LAKE OF CITY again in last February, this year. And yes, I fall in love with this place the moment I entered the main city.

Mother Nature has been very kind to Udaipur when it comes to natural beauty. Away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan cities, Udaipur isolates itself in an untroubled zone which makes it peaceful. Besides lesser crimes and less traffic, the town is on its own way to development which is adding to the beauty of the city day by day.

This Lake city offers undiluted beauty to eyes of the viewers giving them a new vista with every glimpse. Fatehsagar lake, Pichhola, Swaroop Sagar, Udaisagar, Dudh Talai and lakes alike run in competition with each other in showcasing their ecstatic beauty. You find yourself in a complete dilemma regarding comparison of these lakes in the daytime when beauty emerges in its vibrant colours with the time they are decorated with stars in the starry night. (Oh gosh, this article going to be so long as my love to the city is unstoppable)

We landed UDAIPUR airport around afternoon time and then straight away head to our previously booked resort, ROYAL RETREAT RESORT & SPA (I strongly recommend to pre book the property, because being the hottest tourist destination, you will end up facing difficulty). Well I am falling short of words to describe the beauty of this property. Escape from the city hustle surrounding by Aravali Hills,this is a place to be experienced. This place serves you royalty and also with artistic sides of UDAIPUR, all artistic work & antiques have their own beautiful uniqueness and history attached. Handicraft gallery is sure to move in. We stayed in King-size suite. Every space is passionately created and thoughtfully designed. You can have a glimpse of the rooms & resort by the pictures.

As much as I love beautiful UDAIPUR mornings, night of UDAIPUR is also worth spending besides the lake pichola under glittering sky full of stars surrounded by City palace at one side & Leela Palace, Taj Palace on another. Yes there are many mouth watering restaurants in such location, but one that is signature restaurant of UDAIPUR you can’t afford to miss is AMBRAI,AMETHAVELI,UDAIPUR.  Here, entries are strictly on reservation basis especially for dinner meal so make sure you done with prior reservation. The food, ambience, service and the staff all are on above expectations. If you really wants to have a dream dinner of your lifetime, this place is must visit.

I guess I have to end this post here only and leave you with these beautiful pictures and will be continuing further journey in my next post.

Till then stay fashionably fit.

Shivali Chauhan









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Bharat Taxi June 29, 2019 at 11:18 am

Udaipur, the most romantic city of Rajasthan is a must see destination of India. These places are really awesome. The palaces are magnificent. Not only is there such beauty, there is the history that adds to their attractiveness. The landscape seems magical and what a great place to visit.


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