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It’s time to kill some fat

written by Shivali December 24, 2017

Get Motivated to join Gym

Health is a major concern these days! And it should be.

On one hand We’re the generation with unhealthy Lifestyle, and on the other hand, taking care of health and physique is one’s Priority.

There comes our lifesaver- Gym.

One can attain the desired physique by attending and working out at gym constantly.

Taking a gym membership is easy, but only the ones who are part of it know how difficult it is to maintain consistency in going there and grind.


Well, who doesn’t want to be healthy, and good looking? People join a gym, but working out there requires a lot of hard work, which makes them feel lazy and they quit! Here arises an important question “ How To Feel Motivated to Join Gym? “.

Gym motivation

Here is my attempt to make you get motivated to join a gym for this blog post.


Let’s begin with three broad steps:


  1. Question-Answer session:

The first step to feeling motivated to join a gym is, starting with a question-answer session with yourself.

Take a pen and paper and write down the following questions:

  1. “Do I need to join a gym?” – Ask yourself whether you really need to join gym or not.
  2. “Why should I join a gym?”- Ask yourself that why do you need to join a gym? How will gym help you to accomplish your personal goal?
  3. “What if I won’t go to a gym?” – Think and write the consequences of not joining a gym.
  4. “How will gym help me?” – You know what are you expecting from yourself by joining a gym. Write them! Note down how gym will help you out.


  1. Setting Up Goal.

Set up a goal, what you want to achieve by going to a gym?

Have a clear idea of what exactly you want to gain by joining a gym and your goal will become your own motivation to join a gym.


  1. Choose your Reward

Make a list of rewards you’ll be giving to yourself after going for workout at gym, because ‘ A Little bait doesn’t hurt anyone’

Note down what makes you happy and reward yourself that happiness, post workout.


Here are some more points to give y’all motivation to join a gym:

Gym Motivation

  1. You need to stay fit:

Always Remember that you need to stay healthy and fit, to develop an attractive Personality and live a healthy life. Concentrate on your fitness and it will itself give you the motivation to join a gym.


  1. Find fun during the workout:

Find your happiness In workout and enjoy the same. Don’t consider Gym as a burden, rather have fun and enjoy the results.


  1. Say No To Excuses:

Avoid giving excuses to skip the gym. You can lie to people but never to yourself! Fight the war between Gym or No Gym, and make sure “Gym” Wins!


  1. Admit that Good thing take time and demand dedication:

Good things take time and dedication, Keep calm, be patient, and focus on the workout.


  1. Make Friends:

A good company makes everything better! Find a good gym buddy who is equally dedicated to being fit.


I’m sure this blog post is definitely going to help you feel motivated to join a gym.

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