written by Shivali February 21, 2018

Have you ever given a thought about Hair Scrub? No? Even I never did! Just a few days back I came across an amazing product by The Body Shop, which is “Fuji Green Tea Refreshingly purifying cleansing hair scrub”. The Body Shop is already very well known brand for the beauty and skincare products.


Now when I’ve mentioned above that hair scrub is a thing, Y’all must be thinking what is the purpose of a hair scrub.

So, here is why you need this hair scrub:


  1. Dandruff Begone! :

Who doesn’t suffer the dandruff problem? This scrub is too good at resolving the dandruff issue and give us a clean scalp.


  1. No more itchy scalp!

The itchy scalp is another common issue we face. This scrub works wonders in treating itchy scalp. Its refreshing touch and grainy texture help in treating itchy scalp just in one use.


  1. Princess deserves shiny hair. No?

Well, we all are princesses of your life story, hence we all deserve shiny hair. By exfoliating hair using this scrub once a week, instantly gives you shinier and lighter hair.


  1. Hair healthcare!

Scrubbing hair is a healthy practice to be done. It not only cleans your hair but also exfoliates the scalp like scrubbers do on our face.


  1. Promotes Hair Growth!

This scrub activates the hair growth cells hence promotes hair growth rate.


So this was all why you actually need a hair scrub, Here by writing a quick review about my experience with the body shop  “Fuji Green Tea Refreshingly purifying cleansing hair scrub”.

The product contains some incredible ingredients like Japanese green tea, mint menthol, salt crystals, and community trade honey from Ethiopia. The mentioned ingredients work wonder for hair, from normalizing oily hair and scalp to promoting their growth, this product does it all for you.


This product worked so well for me. After washing my hair, the results and the difference were so remarkable! My hair never felt so smooth, shiny and light before. They were just falling effortlessly.


Here is a quick guide on how to use The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea hair scrub:

  1. Damp your hair a little. Just make them wet enough to complement the absorption of the product. Make sure you don’t end up making your hair too wet!


You may mix the scrub with few drops of water instead of dumping your hair.


  1. The scrub is quite thick and grainy, just take out a teaspoon of the scrub on your fingers and gently start massaging it on your scalp. The gentle massage is recommended so that you won’t end up hurting your scalp in any way with a harsh message.


  1. Wash your hair after massaging it for good 10-15 minutes and feel the difference.


What I love about this product is The minty touch and smell of this scrub! It instantly makes me feel so refreshed. This product is now a part of my weekly routine, just like I used to exfoliate my skin, I’m exfoliating my hair as well.







Lots of love,

Shivali Chauhan

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