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The rituals and Tradition of celebrating the festival of Karwachauth by Indian women

written by Shivali October 26, 2018

Just like any other Hindu festivals, Karva Chauth is that special festival which is celebrated with great happiness and zeal by the married women in India. Indian women are highly dedicated towards their husband’s wellbeing and happiness and so keep no stone left unturned to celebrate this important festival. We cannot deny the fact that the Indian Bollywood films are the one which let us know as what exactly women do on this auspicious occasion. All thanks to the producers and directors of bolly films the women stay on fast from Sunrise to sunset on the Chaturthi of Karthik Month of Hindu calendar for the well-being of the husbands.

Well, am sure that a question will pop up in your mind as is this celebration as lavish as depicted in the Hindi films or it’s just a simple family function? I am not going to answer your question straightway as I want to share with you all a small sneak peak on the rituals women perform on this day.



Sargi: Well the function of Karwa Chauth starts a day before the fasting. All married women and engaged ladies get the sargi in traditional style from mother-in-laws’. The sargi is basically an earthen pot having food which needs to be eaten on the morning of Karwa Chauth, before making the start of fast and before sunrise. The preparation of the sargi is done in such a way so that it can give strength to women to maintain the fast all through the day till the moon rises.



Baya: The baya is just like a blessing from the mother in law in shape of a gift which is a symbol of appreciation for her son’s wife who is fasting with complete devotion and dedication for the wellbeing of the husband. Baya is a Thali which contents money, jewelry, clothes, Singar items, Vermillion and sweets. Upon receiving the baya, women start dressing up in those bright clothes and get Mehendi artwork done on the hands and feet.  If the lady celebrating this festival is a newly-married one and doing it for the first time then, gifts are offered to the husband’s family, by girl’s family.



Karwachauth Katha Path:  On the evening of the auspicious day all women celebrating this festival gather in one house and the pooja is held over there and offerings are made to Ma Parvati. The story of Karwachauth Brat Katha is narrated by an unmarried girl to all the women who are married and celebrating the festival. After this prayer is made to goddess Parvati and request is made for taking care of the wellbeing of the husband. The women make the movement of the puja thalis in a circular motion while chanting the holy hymn.



Worshiping the moon and breaking of the fast: After the moon rises all fasting women light up the diyas and offer water to the moon after pouring in the karwa or pot placed on the puja thali.  They see the moon through the jali. Chanting of prayer is done to wish for husband’s wellbeing and long life.  After this, she watches her husband’s face through the jail or net. Now the husband breaks the fast by making her drink a sip of water and with sweets.


One of the most selfless festivals of India is Karwachauth and I wish to celebrate it one day after I get married. It’s a sweet and traditional festival which is rich in culture and contains strong values of Hindu Shasta.


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