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Let me help you to decide New Year Resolution

written by Shivali January 1, 2018

Happy new year 2018 and I wish everyone who is reading this may have an amazing 2018, Full of Happiness, success, and Love.

Its no less than a ritual to make resolutions every new year, but ask yourself honestly, how many of you really stick to your new year resolutions?

New year resolutions are something we decide to follow with an upcoming new year to transform yourself to be new you. The reason why people fail to follow their new year resolution is probably the lack of willpower or the goals that are irrelevant that are almost impossible to achieve.


Let’s talk about how to create genuine new year resolution, and follow it throughout the year and set some guidelines to make the new year resolution and obey them throughout the year.

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Here are the six steps to follow to create the best new year resolution which would give a remarkable result at the end of the year.

  1. Know yourself more:

For choosing a new year resolution, at first think about yourself, who are you? what do you want? what are your needs? how do you want to spend the upcoming new year? what are your dreams? what are your desires and what can you do to accomplish them? Just know more about yourself and how do you want to see you in the upcoming year. Ask questions to yourself and answer them honestly. This step is the most important part to be followed as it helps one to find perfect new year resolution for himself.

  1. Think about your goals:

Think about where do you see yourself at the end of the upcoming year? What do you want to be as a person? What do you want to achieve in this year? What are your expectations for yourself? What are the goals you want to attain? and this is how you’ll find out your goal for the year.

  1. Note down your resolutions:

Note down your New Year Resolution. The result of the above mentioned two steps will take you to the conclusion where you can decide your new year resolution. Now when you know what is your new year’s task and resolution, note it down and recheck! Give yourself the strength and willpower to complete the resolution.

  1. Create a strategy:

Create a strategy of how will you complete the new year resolution, this will help you in following new year resolution systematically. Plan it from the beginning that what you’ll do to keep your resolution and how will you follow it.

  1. Start following: Start following your resolution, stay confident and take it easy. Make it a habit of following what you’ve decided and kept it.


   6.Be Consistent:

Consistency is the key to achieving your aim. Be consistent in following your resolution, constantly remind yourself about your goal, and stick on it.

New year


Follow the above-mentioned steps and you’ll find how easy it is to decide perfect New Year Resolution and follow it.

I hope this post helped you to a good extent in finding out your new year resolution. If Yes! Don’t forget to share it with your loved ones.

Do let me know your new year resolution in the comment section below.

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