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How to organize your closet

written by Shivali October 9, 2016

Autumn is about to start, and that means I’m going to reorganize my closet and to get rid of all the clothes I’m not using. For me, it’s like a second Spring cleaning, let’s call it Autumn cleaning!!

I have my own method to do that. We should call it: the pixilated method. It has three steps:

First, I select my clothes to separate the ones I’m using from the ones I’m not. I do this for every clothes category: jeans, shoes, shirts…. First, I put all my shirts on the bed and I separate them into two groups. The shirts on the group called “not in use” are for charity. Usually I don’t give my old clothes to friends or family, unless someone has asked me for that special dress.

To choose, I have my own criteria. Basically I ask myself next questions:

  • I’m going to use this shirt if I keep it?
  • When was the last time I used it?
  • It still fits me?

If most answers are no (or a long time ago for the second one), I put it on the “not in use” group. All this shirts end up in a box to take to charity. Then, I start the same process for the next clothes category. Jeans, for example.

I do the selection this way because if I have a look at all the content of my  closet at the same time I feel overwhelmed. I don’t like cleaning and organizing, and I find this an exhausting process. So, if I categorize, I can divide the selection in two times instead of making all in one day.

If you want to have an idea about the result of one of my selections, here is a list of my Autumn basics:

  • A comfy pair of Jeans
  • Sneakers
  • A nice skirt
  • A nice T-shirt
  • A basic trench
  • Oxford shoes
  • My favorite foulard
  • A striped one

The second step is cleaning the closet. Usually I don’t take all the clothes out to clean the inside, so I make first two steps at the same time. For example, when all my shirts are out of its drawer, I use my DIY cleaner to clean it. It’s perfect because you get rid of all the dirt and the drawer it’s perfectly clean until next Spring cleaning.

Now, you can finish with last step: organizing the items you’re keeping. The good news is you can use the space left behind for your old clothes. That’s how I organize (please, keep in mind my closet is tiny):

  • Hang just the essentials. Keep other things in drawers or use organizer helpers.
  • Put labels on your shoe boxes.
  • Organize by color. This way it’s easier to have a general view of your clothes.
  • Use a drawer for each kind of stuff.
  • Keep foulards and scarves in a box. Roll them, so you can see all at the same time.
  • Use plastic boxes to keep out of season clothes. This will keep dust away from them.

And this is a general overview of my method. Do you find it useful, my happy pixels? Do you have your own method? But I should say the most difficult part of keeping your clothes organized starts after step 3. Guess it? Yes, the hardest part is to keep your closet organized. I know the solution is easy: just store your stuff properly right before using or cleaning it. But it’s hard… The struggle is real.

Well, I hope to have helped with my pixilated method. Are you going to organize your closets for Autumn, my happy pixels? Please, let me know in the comments below.


Photos: mine and from Unsplash.com

Author: Sílvia Fuster (the happiest pixel)


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