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Girl with wings

written by Shivali April 19, 2018

Hey Fam! My today’s post is dedicated to all the beautiful ladies out there.

Every girl has got wings since the day shes born. Here it depends on the family and society that whether they cut them off or let her fly!


Every girl possesses some dreams in her, and also the fire to fulfil her dreams. She wants to fly but unfortunately ends up being in a cage by society. But I feel so glad when I see the changing scenario, I love it when I read a success story of a woman! I love to watch the women-oriented movies! I love the feeling when someone shares the story of achievements of a woman!

How positively the society is changing, no doubt there are still many who’ve got the wings, but don’t have the courage to fly!

If you’re one of them, this post is for you.



Here is how you can spread your wings and take off:


  1. Be Confident :

Be confident about yourself. Be confident about your decisions. Be confident about your intuitions. People don’t say, but they’re afraid of the women who possess great confidence level! Have the confidence, and break the taboo of girls being inferior.


  1. Ignore What People Say:

People won’t ever let you breathe peacefully! They’ll point out each and everything you do and will taunt you with negative comments. Do not ever let those words affect you. Don’t ever feel like quitting just because of the fear of “what people will say”.

Gossiping is their cup of tea, and staying strong is yours!


  1. Do More of What You Like:

Don’t run after pleasing temporary people in your life. Do more of what makes you feel happy. Do more of what satisfies your soul. Do more of what you love to do for yourself and your own happiness


  1. Know your rights:

You’re a citizen of same country and you got equal rights like men do. don’t let anyone suppress you. Know your rights and live your rights.


  1. Never let anyone Underestimate You:

Never underestimate the power in you, and never let anyone else underestimate the power in you. You’re the creator of your power and you’re the only one who controls it.


  1. Get inspired by others:

Whenever you feel low, just get inspired by reading and learning about successful people’s lives. Reading a self-help book, autobiography, or just reading about someone’s achievement will always hold you back from falling and motivate you to look forward.


  1. Set your goals:

Have your own Set of goals. Have aim in your life to be achieved. Have a fire and desire in you to accomplish your goals and be an inspiration to others.


  1. First Love Yourself:

Last and the most important! Before loving anyone else, first, love yourself! If you sacrifice your happiness for someone else’s happiness, then my dear, you won’t ever be able to forgive yourself for this unfortunate mistake


You possess a superwoman in you! don’t let that superwoman die before you do!



Till my next post, Stay fashionably fit.

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Loved it


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