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Explore the most unexplored beautiful side of uttarakhand with uttarakhand_tourismofficial

written by Shivali July 16, 2019

As per the saying – Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

This quote is quite applicable to me because somehow I got more addicted towards the travelling day by day and trust me the more I explore the new places I become more curious to go to more unexplored places. So, this special bond with the travelling is unbreakable and it makes me so modest and at peace.

Uttarakhand Blogger’s Bus 4.0

By now, you guys got the enough idea of my love for travelling and if you following me on other social media channels, you easily make out that I travel a lot. And this time I travelled with Uttarakhand tourism. Working with Govt. tourism is always a dream come true and I am fortunate enough to grab this opportunity with Uttarakhand tourism.

Uttarakhand Blogger’s Bus 4.0

So, our journey starts on 4th June, 2019 from Delhi at 8:00 am and our first meeting point was SQUARE COMMUNICATION OFFICE where small presentation about our trip as well the planned itinerary is explained to all of us. We are group of 6 travel bloggers who are all set to experience the beauty of uttarakhand. The trip itinerary was planned to explore the natural beauty, culture, and traditions of Koruwa, Chakrata, Hanol, Mori , Sankri , Lakha Mandal, Kalsi, and Dakpathar. It was a 4 nights and 5 days trip and the organizers planned each and everything in such a beautiful way that the group enjoyed this amazing trip completely. We left the office at 9:00 am along with one official person from square communication and later on one govt official from Uttarakhand govt tourism board joined us once we reached to our fest destination in uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand Blogger’s Bus 4.0

Let this journey begins …

It took us 9-10 hours to reach Chakrata from Delhi, long lunch and chai pakora breaks (mandatory breaks must say) in between. We spent our first night at Koruwa at Deodar Dreams Resort in beautiful wooden cottages erected in the middle of vast green farm land. But the magic of this place set in once we woke up in the morning and stepped out of our cottages. This resort truly justifies with the name as it’s a really dream to live a place which is totally surrounded by a huge mountain, blue sky and lush green trees. The beauty of the place you can easily make out from the pictures. This served some amazing food. After having breakfast we left for water rappelling at Kimona falls. Being highly water phobic I haven’t tried this adventurous . But if you love adventure , you must try this activity as I it was done under trained professional. Out of 8 total people , 5 people did this activity and it was a life experience for them. Next up was drive to Tiger Falls – the most sought after picnic spot in Chakrata. As it is a picnic spot , so its bit crowded but It has its own beauty . This is must visit place and recommended one.

Uttarakhand Blogger’s Bus 4.0

A stroll through Chakrata market followed by a few hours’ drive and we were at our next stay in Chakrata – Ramtal Resort. The good got better here. These luxury tents were located in a pristine location in Chakrata and the view from here was totally worth the drive and fatigue. The stay at Ramtal Resort and the sunset from Chilmiri Peak can be a sole reason to come to Chakrata.  The food here was simple home cooked variety and we prefer that when we travel. This resort was way to beautiful then the pictures.

Uttarakhand Blogger’s Bus 4.0

After a delicious breakfast we left for our next destination-Hanol. Hanol is around 150 kms from Dehradun and is a holy place famous for Mahsu Devta Temple. Lord Mahsu is the main deity of this area and is worshipped by people at Hanol and nearby villages. The 9th century temple is located in the valley surrounded by jaw dropping beautiful mountains and forests.        

Uttarakhand Blogger’s Bus 4.0

After spending 2-3 hours we left to see Mori river, where we had our lunch and quickly drove to sankari for our stay. Every place has its own charm that cannot describe in words, one has to taste it by visiting themselves. After an overnight stay , we left early to visit lakhamandal temple. The sanctum of the Lakhamandal temple holds many rare idols of Indian Gods. Most of these are Shiva, Parvati and their family. We spent a good couple of hours at Lakhamandal Temple looking at these beautiful figurines.

Uttarakhand Blogger’s Bus 4.0

From Lakhamanal temple , we reached kalsi for lunch and then proceed to our final stay Dakpathar. Here we were welcomed with some folk traditional music. We explore one new place and enjoyed our stay. Next morning after breakfast we all left for Delhi.

It was an amazing experience with Uttarakhand blogger bus 4.0 and alonwith adventurous trip ,I make new friends too. These 4 nights and 5 days was always hold a special place in my heart and I heartily thank the team of UttaraKhand Tourism development Board for organizing Uttarakhand Blogger’s Bus 4.0 such a brilliant trip for us which we all thoroughly enjoyed. I storngly recommend to you all the explore these places and book your trip with uttarakhand tourism.

Until my next post, stay fashionabily fit.

Thanks & regards


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