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Top 5 Promising Bloggers to follow

written by Shivali July 9, 2017

The rise of blogging and social-media in past couple of years is remarkable. No one ever thought that online media will replace traditional media, and more over blogging will not be seen as just hobby.

“Being an Indian, it’s really hard to be a blogger”, like me you also have heard the same statement but thanks to our super bloggers who made it this statement totally wrong and stands out with the international bloggers and why not India is already killing in number of categories be it cultural, cricket, bollywood and blogging is a new add on feature to it.

As fashion keeps on changing so as the creativity & thoughts; today in this post I bring about the Top 5 promising bloggers to follow right now for western fashion, DIY, beauty tips, ethnic inspiration and so on.



1.Shubhi Garg || Picker At Peace

A lucknow blogger, who started writing about 3 year ago putting comfort over fashion, and dress easy (both Indian and Western). She said “Usually when I’m out there picking out clothes for myself, they’re a mix of contemporary silhouettes and dramatic fits or flairs”


Inspiration: – Her words “ Laziness, I swear! But to be honest, I didn’t know you call it a blog initially, as I always referred to it as an e-book to store my poetry pieces. But, gradually as I went deeper to understand the term as it’s been booming up, I realized it’s not just a huge community in itself but a great business opportunity as well!

Style idol: – Chiara Ferragni (abroad) & Aayushi Bangur (India)

Favourite outfit : –  Co- ords in Orange Inspired by London Street wear.  Indian wear for my wedding fashion series, which included a four piece suit set in yellow, cream and black.



2.Jasmine Sachdeva || The croptopgirl

A Delhi blogger, who describe her style as versatile. She hates stick to the one style as she is always ready to do something out of her comfort zone. Her words “I love mixing and matching to create something new. I also style things differently as my last post was on how to wear your boring shirts differently. I chose to adopt a versatile style, because I’m naturally attracted to various looks and concepts.


Inspiration: – Her words – My primary reason for blogging came from the multitude of projects I have going on all the time. So I started to share some ideas about what I’m doing, things I learn. Just to show people that art isn’t always some mystical, magical perfect thing

Style Idol: – Deepika padukone

Favorite Outfit: -The Blue shirt I wore with white denim, The Flamingo Jumpsuit and Teal green Tube Dress.



3.Sharvari Suryaparkash || Thinkbeyondstyle

A Delhi blogger who writes about fashion, beauty and lifestyle describes her style is to recreate something from what she already have, whether its contemporary or any traditional outfit , and looks confident and classy.


Inspiration: – an inclination towards fashion and love for creating content from my school days. But when I entered my college I met new people , where we use to create conceptual dresses for fashion show which indeed inspired me to become a blogger.

Style Idol: – Sonam kapoor

Favorite Outfit: – The one she wore in the picture. (red one)



4.Purva Vats || Planetbeauties 14

A Delhi- Chandigarh based blogger who writes about make – up & fashion. She describes her style an amalgamation of elegance and poise with casual carefree statement, she like keeping it uncomplicated.


A post shared by Purva Vats (@planetbeauties14) on

Inspiration: – Her words “Blogging just happened; it wasn’t planned or thought of. I have a never ending love affair with makeup and fashion, and fortunately I met Anubhuti (a very good friend of mine) who suggested me to start writing, so i thought of just getting into it. I never knew that my passion would end up here.

Style Idol: – Sonam Kapoor

Favorite Outfit: – Semi-boho kurti with a denim skirt



5. Shruti Wahi || Bespoke Grub

A lucknow blogger who writes about fashion, lifestyle & luxury. Her style best described in this word well groomed, sophisticated, organized Trendsetter, label-aware, spontaneous ,Direct, confident and independent.


Inspiration: – Her words – My love for writing basically was the main driving force behind starting my own blog. Plus the fact that I enjoy experimenting with style and donning new looks helped immensely.

Style Idol: – Kendall Jenner

Favorite outfit: – The one she wore in the picture (red one).

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Till my next post and stay fashionably fit.


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