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Classifiedbird ft. Clovia

written by cshivali June 2, 2016

“Trendy yet stunning nightwear collection is all you need”

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After all day working in tight formal clothes, it would be great relaxing to wear comfortable sleepwear at night. They are worn for comfort while sleeping and for moving around freely just before sleeping. Nightwear is no longer for sleeping only, but transformed into a fashion statement.

Modern women prefer to wear sleepwear with fashionable cut and sexy look. So just forget those extra loose gowns, and select from exclusive trends available in market.Many Indian brands have started manufacturing of designer and extensive range of Woman’s nightwear like Baby Doll, Teddies, Nightgowns & Robes, Bikini Intimates, Tops & Shorts, Pyjamas and many more.

Cloe(now called CLOVIA) established on 15th February, 2013 and within a year, it has spread across 800 cities of India. It has 15,000 products in its portfolio. They have wide varieties of night wears and also they introduced western wear collection also.When I got to the opportunity to collaborate with CLOVIA  brand, one thing clicked in my mind is designer & trendy nightwear.

I got these beautiful two night suits from their collection to style.These both pieces are unique in their own way as one is cotton green popping colour and other one is crepe blue colour suit with bell sleeves.

They both are so comfortable to wear so I feel like it wearing all day.These are so trendy and stylish that one can roam to nearby locations.You can buy from here SHOP.

As CLOVIA says ” say no to boring “, So, it’s time to fill our wardrobes with full trendy beautiful colours night suits.

Hope you like my both suits. You can tell me by commenting below or write me at shivalishail22@gmail.com.


Till my next post, stay fashionabily fit.




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Bhanu June 2, 2016 at 2:58 pm

I might not comment on your posts much but I wanted to share that your posts are worthwhile and the first hand simple tips that you share are very relevant and helpful for the circumstances described by you.

And one of the elegant fashion blog by Indian Woman with lot of sense and meaning. Glad to have been following.

theonlysup June 2, 2016 at 4:03 pm

Looks pretty comfortable.. U have suggested proper thing. And BTW u look so pretty in 2nd pic


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