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Be a Badass girl

written by Shivali January 14, 2018

It is well said that,

“Better to be Strong than Pretty and Useless”.

You better be a strong woman than being a pretty woman who is good for nothing.

A badass woman craves her own path despite the challenges on her way.

To be a badass girl, you just need to just have your own opinions, have your own path, have your own lifestyle because of its your life, and your decisions.



Here is the identification of a badass girl:


  1. She owns a Strong Decision-Making Power :

She is good at making decisions and sticks to it. What other people think of her decision, doesn’t change her mind. She owns an amazing decision making power.


  1. She is Tough and bold:

She is tough and bold, she knows how to handle a situation without creating a mess. She is good at responding to bad time and face it with confidence.

She is tough enough to face any hurdle and bold enough to win over it!


  1. Risks are fun:

She is a risk taker. She prefers adventurous life over boring life with same daily routine. A badass woman isn’t afraid of the hurdles, rather she enjoys them.




  1. She Knows her worth:

A badass girl knows her worth. She won’t ever let her down, she won’t ever let anyone underestimate her, she’ll always tell her  ‘I can do it and I will do it.’


  1. She is Career oriented and has her own goals:

A badass girl is career oriented, she has her own goals and dreams for which she is busy in grinding herself. She is independent and doesn’t need any man to pay for her expenses.


  1. She has her own limits and knows how to maintain boundaries:

A badass girl is bold, but at the same time, she knows her own limits. She creates the boundary for herself, she knows whats right and up to what extent.


  1. Can take care of herself:

She can take care of herself. She is good at managing relations and knows what to do when she is not feeling safe. A true badass girl is who don’t need any man to look after her, she can take care of herself in every way.

A badass woman is an independent bird!


  1. People Judging her? Hardly Matters:

She is strong and confident. She believes in herself, she trusts her decision, What will people say? How they’re judging her? What are people talking behind her back? are one of the things that won’t ever bother her!


  1. Overcome fears:

Everyone has their own fears, Some are afraid of height, some of Dark, some of the insects, etc. Even I have my own fears and insecurities. It’s not easy to overcome fear, but a badass girl will face her fear and overcome it.


  1. Unpredictable:

She is unpredictable! Nobody knows what she’ll do next. You cant judge next step of a Badass girl because she is good at keeping secrets, she will never reveal her secrets.


Do You own the above-mentioned traits? Congratulations! You are already a badass woman!

And If you don’t have the above-mentioned traits! Don’t worry, it isn’t that difficult to develop them and be a badass woman!

Happy Reading 🙂

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