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ALTERMIRROR- Look fab with what you have

written by Shivali October 8, 2016

Hey guys, sorry for being MIA for a bit too long. But seriously, I missed you all very much. Today I have something different to share with you. In today’s post I am going to talk about a new mobile app that I just discovered and used. We’ve all found apps to make our lives easier whether it’s to order plane tickets or to post photos. If your interest is style and personal grooming there are India specific apps for that too. Today I will talk about a newly launched app called ‘ALTERMIRROR’ which amps up your style and grooming quotient. There are so many ways this app can help you. Whether you need advice on clothes or just want to look better with what you have or simply want to get out of your boring look, AlterMirror is just what the doctor ordered. So,try this app and be prepared for lots of compliments on your new and improved look.
Grooming is the process of making yourself look neat and attractive – the things that you do to make yourself and your appearance tidy and pleasant. Grooming is important for a positive self-image and to maintain a pleasing and attractive appearance.Personal grooming is imperative in today’s society where appearance and personality play a huge role in determining success whether it is in job opportunities, relationships or on social occasions like parties and get togethers.Our appearance and personality is critical in how others perceive us and our appearance and personality can be elevated through personal grooming.
About AlterMirror
AlterMirror is the world’s first Mobile Grooming Platform for Hair, Makeup, Fashion& Accessories& Total Grooming services. AlterMirror’s video calling backbone connects users with the best experts in Hair, Makeup, Fashion& Accessories& Total Grooming thereby giving users access to the best grooming advice that money can buy. AlterMirror breaks down the barriers of geography and time by making grooming advice accessible to anyone, anytime and anywhere. The AlterMirror mobile app is currently available on the Android platform. AlterMirror is an early stage company headquartered in Bangalore and started by a group of individuals with over 3 decades of cumulative experience in marketing, strategy & public relations.
Using this app is quick and simple. Just download and install the app on your Android smartphone from Google Play Store. Register on the app either through your mobile number or through your Gmail or FaceBook account. After registering on the app, create your brief profile. Then select the service that you want from among the four services that are currently available. Once you select a service, the app showcases the Consultants offering that service. You can browse through the profile of the Consultants and select a Consultant of your choice. Book an appointment with your chosen Consultant at a convenient day and time. Pay for the service using any of the convenient payment options like credit or debit card, net banking or various wallet services.That’s it. You are done.On the day of your appointment, you will get reminders on your upcoming appointment so that you are available and prepared for your consultation with your AlterMirror expert. At the time of your consultation,call your chosen Consultant through the app and video chat with him/her and getanswers to all your questions relating to the service that you have booked. Yes it is that simple. Not only do the AlterMirror Consultants offer you personalized advice that is relevant for your body, skin and hair type, they also supervise how you go about implementing their advice. The Makeup, Hair and Fashion & Accessories services are price at Rs. 350 each while the Total Grooming service is priced at Rs. 900. This pricing ensures that these services are affordable and accessible to a large section of the society.
Well my experience with the ALTERMIRROR app was enjoyable and delightful. Being a fashion blogger, I can usually take care of my fashion requirements but due to my busy schedule I often tend to miss some things. Though I have been wanting to consult an expert my schedule doesn’t allow me the time to physically visit and meet an expert. This is where an app like AlterMirror comes in. It helped me connect with an expert and allowed me to get professional advice in the comfort of my home and at a day and time of my choice.
When I accessed the AlterMirror app, I chose to opt for the Total Grooming service and selected NEELAM KAMALL as my Consultant. It was really fun talking to her. She gave me a lot of useful advice on grooming. She advised me on the haircuts that would look good on me, the hair colors that would complement my hair style, makeup essentials that I should follow, lipstick shades that would go with my skin tone and on pieces of fashion & accessories that I could add to my wardrobe.The best part of the consultation was that all this advice was given keeping my specific requirements and my body, skin and hair in mind.
I would highly recommend that you download the AlterMirror app and give it a try. You will really find it useful when you need help on makeup, hair or fashion but don’t have the time or don’t want to take the effort to go to your salon or meet your stylist. You will thank me for introducing you to AlterMirror.
You can download the AlterMirror app here:HERE

Till den my next post , stay fashionably fit.





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