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Accessories that make you dazzle

written by Shivali December 12, 2017

Hello everyone, so I’m back with a new blog post, and today it’s about the importance of the fashion accessories which makes you dazzle.

Ever went through the situation when your outfit and makeup seems on point but you still feel like there something missing. People don’t know what major role our accessories play in enhancing the overall look, and that’s the reason people ignore wearing accessories and end up feeling incomplete!


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Why do we need accessories?

Accessories enhance the overall look of the outfit. It transforms the complete look of the attire.

Accessorizing adds a different charm to your look hence they’re quite helpful in level up your fashion game!

This is the season to really make a sparkling impact, to stand out and have all eyes on you. So, you really need those impactful accessories.


Let’s discuss some beautiful accessories from Bewitch Bijoux that really make a statement :


  • Chain necklaces as an accessory:

Who doesn’t love wearing necklaces? They add a statement to your outfit and make you look Classy. A studded necklace, this truly is one gorgeous piece. The white enamel work makes the necklace stand out and we love those golden strings. No matter how simple your outfit is, this one accessory will make it look totally royal and classy.




  • Trendy Earrings for glam

Earrings are a great accessory. They draw attention to the face and simply swapping out one pair of earrings for another can completely change the tone of an outfit. Whatever your personal style, there’s sure to be a perfect pair of earrings to complement it.  There are different types of earrings available like hoop earrings, tassel earrings, Studs, statement earrings, etc.

Why wear earrings? Because Earrings instantly glam up the face and overall look (if chosen wisely). You can never go wrong with a right pair of earring.


  • Tassel Earings

    Pom-pom, tassel, bon-bon- whatever you want to call them, they’re so cute and fun! They’re fun, flirty and perfect for the summer.The black ones I’m wearing (check them out hereare a great example of how to wear the trend and give it more of a polished vibe. 



  • Hoops

    A forever favorite! I’ve been wearing hoops since I was a teenager, so I’m glad to see them back…offically 🙂.Thin and small, delicate and beaded or edgy and spiked, hoop earrings are a knockout accessory to have on-hand. If you already own hoop earrings then you know just how fun they can be to wear.

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  • Drop

    You honestly can’t go wrong with drop earrings. They never go out of style and look great with just about any hairstyle. You can wear them with a sweater to add a playful touch or add them to an already dressy outfit for that extra glam factor.Add class and style to your look when you wear these 1928 Fashion Jewellery Crystal Post Dangle Earrings. With a great length and beautiful design, you can assure you’ll stand out in any crowd.



I hope now you know why accessories are important. You can shop these accessories from this link  https://www.instagram.com/bewitchbijoux/ or Mumbai people you can visit the “the lil flea Mumbai” at MMROA GROUNDS, BKC from 15-17th December 2017. So get ready to dazzle this season.


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