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“Cause I’m as free as a bird, now
And this bird you cannot change”

Classifiedbird came into existence in august 2015.This blog is a creative outlet to express shivali chauhan’s thoughts, her love for fashion, travel experiences, lifestyle and personal style. This blog is a personal window space where you all can peek into her small beautiful world, her style and her fancy inspirations.

Graduated in science and then post graduation in marketing, Delhi. She continuously experimenting and her transformation from studious baccha (definitely not nerd :p) to outspoken marketing kidda is amazing. During her journey, one thing that keeps inspiring her is FASHION.

Being always in talks about her fashion sense and style, finally her journey get this special space where she can share her past & new experiences with all you guys.

Watch this space for all the style adventures. We work to make a better content every time so that you can easily connect with them.

Willing to explore more in field of fashion, lifestyle & explore India as well as Abroad depending upon the projects demands.

For collaborations, Please contact classifiedbirdshivali@gmail.com