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written by Shivali June 26, 2016

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Today I’m going to talk about something interesting that will help you & me stay healthy and fit. This product has zero carbs, zero calories & zero glucose. Yes I am talking about ELIXIR STEVIA- 100% natural sweetener.

So, their team offered me samples few weeks back for review. These includes:-

  • Stevia Elixir Sachets
  • Stevia Elixir liquid
  • Stevia Elixir Dry leaves

Let’s start with Elixir Stevia, Stevia is a plant naturally grown in Brazil & Paraguay. And it’s much sweeter than sugar (250-300 times).Stevia leaves contain Potassium, Zinc, Magnesium and VitaminB3.


They are dynamic and young company which wants to contribute significantly towards Indian society. They believe in making life of people more joyful by removing all their health issues and diseases. For converting this dream into reality, they have come up with all new and innovative natural products ELIXIR STEVIA which is 100% pure and organic and yes it is herbal too.

Stevia Elixir Sachets

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Elixir Stevia Sachets are made from the sweetest part of the Stevia leaf. One sachet of Stevia Whitepowder is equivalent to three teaspoons of sugar. It is made from pure Reb A.

It’s a great substitute of sugar in your meals.

Stevia Elixir liquid

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Liquid is several times sweeter than sugar and has an exceptionally long shelflife. There’s a syrupy black liquid (that results from boiling the leaves in water), which can enhance the flavor of many foods.

Stevia Elixir Dry leaves

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No processing is involved; hence, the natural color of the Stevia leaves is retained – green! It’s all natural, so you’re assured that this form of Stevia extract has no additives. You can add dry leaves while making coffee or tea for a healthy lifestyle. You can even made a herbal tea out of it also.


  1. Controls Diabetes
  2. Helps in faster weight loss
  3. Curing constipation & promotes proper digestion
  4. Treats dandruff & acne
  5. Reduces wrinkles & fine lines
  6. Heals wounds faster.


NO ASPARTAME                                                                        NO SACCHARIN SODIUM

NO SUCRALOSE                                                                          NO ACESULFAME POTASSIUM


Daily intake is around 8mg/kg. This dose is within the current recommended intake limits and are sufficient for anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant effects


After using this product for almost a week, I am highly recommending to you all to try out this product & make it part of your life to stay healthy & young.

This product is available on Amazon.in

You can also check out the complete detail information here

I hope you all enjoyed the post. Do share me your reviews too about this product.

Till den stay fashionably fit.

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